Co-Op Education Program

Mariposa School of Skating along with Innisdale Secondary School, offer a Co- operative Education program for high performance figure skaters. The Co-Op credits are offers 2 credits per year during Semester 1. This in-school academic program is in conjunction with an out-of-school competitive training component. The purpose of this program is to offer a secondary school program designed to meet the academic needs of school-aged athletes. These athletes have been identified by qualified coaches as having the potential in the competitive stream of figure skating at the provincial, national and international level.

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"I participated in the Mariposa Co-op program during grade 10 and 11 while attending Innisdale Secondary School. It was a truly rewarding and positive experience, benefitting both my competitive ambitions on the ice as well as my pursuit for an education. The program nurtured my need to be on the ice training while developing my knowledge of anatomy, psychology and other topics that are key to success in all facets of life. During my time in the Mariposa co-op program, I also learned the importance of organization, a skill that is imperative when balancing a competitive sport while attending school. "

− Jeff Buttle

"The co-op program at Innisdale & Mariposa helped Jeffrey stay organized. He trained and schooled all day, leaving his evenings free for study and assignment completion. He was able to maintain exemplary grades while achieving all his competitive goals."

− Lesley Buttle, Mother of Olympic Bronze Medalist and World Champion

"I had the privilege of being in the first Co-op class which allowed me to achieve success as a skater and coach. It’s rewarding to know that I can pass this opportunity on to my skaters which allows them to be successful in skating and academics."

− Janice Morgan, Mariposa School of Skating Coach

"The Innisdale/Mariposa Co-op program helped me stay on track academically through high school, achieve success in my sport by allowing me the freedom to train 3-5 hours/day and maintain a balanced lifestyle. "

− Mitchell Islam, Olympian